Case Study – 20 homes, open market, affordable rent and shared ownership – A brief overview of the materials supplied by Cornwall Building Supplies.

Work commences in what seemed like the wettest winter in history.

The site is cleared, levels reduced and carted away, graded and levelled out with subgrade to site. Road cut in to correct levels, type 1 hardcore laid. Brett Martin foul and stormwater pipes laid. Construction of manholes and gulleys with Brett Martin inspection chambers. Electric and BT bought into the site as well as water with the use of 50mm blue water duct to get the water from the meters to the individual stop cocks. Brett Martin soakaway crates were installed for the soakaways to provide a highly effective way of managing storm water, contributing to reducing the risk of flooding.

Image of the site

Coming out of the ground.

Marking out and excavating foundations, all poured using C25 concrete mix with direct to site loads, along with direct to site deliveries of trench blocks and the block and beam flooring systems. Lay of dolly course. Lay of 140mm sole plates and DPC to all external and load bearing walls. Fitting of external and internal ground floor timber frame panels, header plates and joists. Floor decked with 22mm Egger protect flooring system, the anti slip, moisture resistant and hardwearing structural chipboard is the perfect material for this job. Fit first floor timber frame panels, cut roof and fit trusses. Fit UPVC anthracite fascia and soffit, now a stock colour.. no more special order!

Timber frame erection, block and beam flooring system
Timber frame erection with anthracite fascia and soffit, block and beam flooring system.


Manthorpe eave protection system and fascia vents fitted. Laying of breather membrane felt, fit 25mm x 50mm roofing batten followed by 500mm x 250mm Brazilian grey/green roof slates, fixed with stainless steal hooks. Not only do these slates look amazing, they provide reliable protection from the elements and they are an ecological responsible roofing material. Marley modern on dry ridge system and block ends where necessary with lead work and slate vents where required all available off the shelf. Installation of Velux windows (always a go to brand- the best for installation and product lifespan) various sizes throughout the site, UPVC anthracite bespoke made to order windows and composite front door and Brett Martin anthracite rainwater goods.

Image of the UPVC anthracite windows and doors
Bespoke UPVC anthracite windows and doors with matching fascia and soffit.
Image of the UPVC anthracite french doors
Bespoke UPVC anthracite windows and doors.


This development comprises of a variation of external panels. To begin, SURECAV was fitted to necessary areas, this product provides an eco-friendly, space saving, cost effective cavity wall rainscreen. Followed by the use of direct to site loads of 100mm dense concrete blocks. Natural grey/green slate window sils and locally sourced 4 inch sawn facing stone. PVC angle bead, stop bead and bell bead and the application of the PAREX render system, here white was used but there is a huge selection to choose from.  This durable, long lasting product has given a crisp finish to a multitude of façades around the site.Some of the homes then had anthracite Cladco cladding to certain areas. All finishes give an ongoing attractive look with a low maintenance future. Amalgamating the mixture of finishes gives diversity and individuality to each home amongst the estate.

Image of  Parex render system, 4 inch sawn facing stone, Brett Martin rainwater goods.
Parex render system, 4 inch sawn facing stone, Brett Martin rainwater goods.
Image of Cladco Cladding
Cladco cladding with Brett Martin rainwater goods and UPVC anthracite fascia and soffit.
Image of Parex render, Cladco cladding, 4 inch natural face stone and Brett Martin rainwater goods.
Parex render, Cladco cladding, 4 inch natural face stone and Brett Martin rainwater goods.

Driveways and landscaping.

Topsoil had been stockpiled then turf was supplied by CBS. Although Luxigraze artificial grass was also available, natural turf was chosen. Patio areas were prepared then 450×450 plain concrete slabs were used to create a natural area which homeowners could transform themselves. Charcoal engineered bricks were used to form driveways then each boundary was encased using 150x1800mm fence posts, postcrete and feather edge board to create a sturdy, timeless unobtrusive boundary.

Image of the site from above
Turf to gardens, charcoal engineered brick driveways, featheredge fencing and gates.


Internal works.

To meet SAP regulations, an abundance of various insulation types have been installed throughout each home. Helping UValues and thermal ratings. Truck loads were being constantly delivered from CBS! 140mm Rockwool Frame Batt 32 dense mineral wool between vertical studs on the external walls. 90mm Rockwool Frame Batt 32 dense mineral wool in all internal walls to help the sound transfer between attached homes. 100mm Rockwool acoustic mineral wool to all ground floor ceilings to minimise sound transfer between floors. Then all habitable areas were wrapped with Tyvek moisture membrane. Followed by 35mm x 50mm sawn treated carcassing material and Knauf plasterboard throughout. All straight from the CBS warehouse, 15mm Knauf plasterboard to the ceilings, 12.5mm Knauf plasterboard to the internal walls, 12.5mm Knauf moisture board to the wet areas, and 12.5mm fire board to the garage. Followed by pallet loads of Thistle multi-finish to the walls and ceilings.


the pretty stuff.

Whether it be an affordable home or an open market home each house has it’s own unique finish. Floor coverings vary from Karndean, to Woodpecker which both offer durability and are designed to last, to vinyl, tiles and carpets. Staircases were bespoke made to order. Skirting, architraves, sil boards and mouldings were MDF decorated with a satin finish paint. Dependant on personal preference, some homes were fitted with 6 panel white doors and some oak finish all with LPD handle and Hinge packs.

Woodpecker flooring.
Woodpecker flooring.
LPD doors and door furniture.
Kardean flooring.
Kardean flooring and composite front door.
Section 106 affordable home living space.
Section 106 affordable home living space.
MDF skirting and architrave painted with Satin Finish paint.
MDF skirting and architrave painted with Satin Finish paint.
MDF cill boards decorated with Satin Finish.
MDF cill boards decorated with Satin Finish.
Bespoke staircase.
Bespoke staircase.
Kardean Flooring.
Kardean Flooring.
Bespoke UPVC windows, anthraitte external and white internal casings.
Bespoke UPVC windows, anthracite external and white internal casings.
Velux windows.
Velux windows.


Not forgetting everything in between, garage doors, mechanical and electrical products, paint, sealants, hedging stone and tiles are all available from Cornwall Building Supplies. There isn’t a material that we cannot source!