Over 1000 Items Available!

No more excuses! CBS hire a wide range of equipment, machinery and tools to help you carry out your building and DIY projects. All items are hired on a weekly basis, with most usually available next day, and what’s more we can deliver to your home or building site at no extra cost.


Aluminium Towers

10.2m x 1.8m x 850mm – 13.2m x 2.5m x 850m

Staircase Towers

Staircase and stairwell (extensions available)

Combi Ladders

2m – 3.5m

Folding Platforms


Ladder Accessories


Double Extension Ladders

3.45m – 9.9m

Triple Extension Ladders

7.9m – 10.7m

Step Ladders

4 – 12 tread


(1 man only)

Pole Ladders

(3m only)

Roof Ladders

16ft or 19ft

Scaffold Board

8ft – 13ft

Staging Boards

10ft x 450mm – 20ft x 600mm

Staging Handrail System

Single or double sided (per metre)

Stair Safety Posts

Call for info

Steel Trestles

Various sizes

Trestle Handrail System

Per metre

Trenching and Shoring

Acrow Props

No.0 – No.4


Used as an adaption to an adjustable steel prop

Trench Struts

No.0 – No.3

Drilling, Breaking and Fixing


Various, including electric road breakers

Combi Hammer Drills

Light, medium and heavy duty

Cordless Drills


Impact Drivers and Wrenches



Percussion, right-angle, hammer, magnetic, paddle mixing

Drill and Breaker Accessories

Drill bits, core bits, extension bars, points, chisels, blades, adaptors

Diamond Drills and Accessories


Screw Guns


Cartridge Fixing Guns

+ extension arms

Nail Guns



Manual, hammer, electric, Paslode

Cleaning and Dust Control

Vacuums and Carpet Cleaners

Including wet/dry options

Pressure Washers

Up to 2900 PSI + accessories

Surface Prep

Floorscarifiers, Planers and Grinders

Various, including STR machine

Floor Strippers and Scrubber Polishers

Including drying equipment

Lighting and Site Electrics


3 and 5 KVA + heater transformers

Site Transformers and Distribution


Junction Boxes

4-way – various AMP/voltage

Extension Leads


Festoon Lights

25 and 100 m


Single and double headed

Fluorescent Lights

Task, Plasterer’s, Wobble, LED (rechargeable options)

Magnetic and Mini Pod Lights

Various options

Tower Lights

Diesel, 9m

Power Breakers


Safety and Survey Equipment

Safety Equipment

Lanyards, harnesses, kits and detectors

Fire Safety Equipment

Various trolleys and extinguishers

Survey Equipment

Radios, levels, cameras, sensors, meters, etc.

Lifting and Material Handling

Lifting Equipment

Slings, chain blocks, shackles, pins and much more

Material and Plasterslifts

Plasterboard lifter, SLA10 – SLA25 lifts + accessories

Materials Hoist

Wheels, buckets, hoists, clamps and winches

Pallet Trucks



Various including stair climbers and rubble trucks



Palm, orbital, random orbital, belt, floor, edging, floor & edging

Routers and Planers


Jigsaws and Reciprocating saws

Electric and cordless

Alligator, door and biscuit saws


Mitre and Circular Saws


Table and Flip Over Saws

Including electric options

Cutting, Grinding and Chasing

Angle Grinders and Wall Chasing

Including cordless angle grinders

Block Splitters

Manual and hydraulic

Disc Cutters


Floor Saws

14” and 18” petrol / 18” diesel

Chopping and Nibbling

Metal bench chopsaw, shears and nibblers

Tile and Masonry Saw Benches


General Building and Roadworks

Barriers and Panels

Various, as well as gates and supports

Bowsers – Water and Diesel

250g – 500g

Damp Proofing

Injection units, spray lances and damp meters

General Building Equipment

Wheel barrows, picks, flame guns, ramps, etc, etc

Road signs

Cones and various signs

Tool Vaults

Cages, safes and lockers

Light plant

Diggers, augers, loaders and trailers

Concrete and Compaction

Cement and Paddle Mixers

Fuel and electric powered

Compactors and Rammers


Concrete Floats


Vibrating Pokers

Air, electric and fuel powered

Vibrating Screeds

Strikers from 3.2 to 7.2 m

Air Tools

Air Breakers

Light, medium and heavy duty

Air Drills

Light / Medium / Heavy (rock drill)

Air Tool Accessores

Hoses and in line oilers

Air Scabblers

Scabblers and needle guns

Air Wrenches

Half and three-quarter inch


Various types available

Soil Pick and Blow Lances


Generators and Welding

Petrol Generators

2.4 KVA and 4 KVA (petrol)

Diesel Generators

6 – 30 KVA

Welder / Generators

180 – 300 AMP, petrol and diesel

Electric Welders and Plasma Cutters


Welding Accessories

Leads, arresters, screens and remotes

Landscaping and Gardening

Brush Cutters and Strimmers

Electric and fuel powered


+ safety kits

Cultivators and Rotovators

Hydraulic devices available

Garden Hand Tools

Rammers, rollers, flame-guns and sprayers

Garden Shredders

Electric and petrol

Hedge Trimmers

Long-reach cordless available

Leaf Blowers

Including back-pack blowers

Post Hole Borers

6”, 1 man, 2 man and hydraulic

Scarifiers and Aerators


Stump Grinders and Log Splitters


Turf Lifters and Mowers

Petrol, electric and cordless

Plumbing and Engineering

Pipe Benders

Stand mounted and hydraulic

Pipe Cutters

Wide variety

Pipe Threaders and Crimping


Pipe Freezers

8-42 and 8-61 mm (both electric)

Pipe Tools

Blow torches, stands and benches

Plumbing Accessories

Bungs, testing kits, air bags and rod kits