Key trends for your outdoor space – 2021 (March 2021)

Having had the first taste of sunshine this year, we are all hopeful of a great summer ahead. This paired with restrictions easing and the ability to reunite with family and friends; we are all looking forward to gathering in groups and enjoying the outdoors together.
Our gardens are a place where we can eat alfresco, grow our own produce, have fun and relax. Make the most of the space you have, let’s see what is on trend for 2021 and how we can help you to achieve these desirable finishes.

1. Make your patio an extra room.

Blurring the lines between your inside and outside space is a huge trend this year. The installation of French or bi-fold doors can create a large opening, allowing the inside to spill to the out. These doors are available in UPVC or aluminium, with anthracite being a current popular colour choice. All bespoke, made to order so the doors are available in any size you need. Another way to create the flow is the continuity of flooring- Vitrapiaza have made this possible by providing us with a 10mm porcelain flagstone that can be used both internally and externally. Add a burst of colour by layering rugs, outdoor furniture and lighting to give that extra homely feel.

Bi fold doors opening onto patio area. Same flooring running from the inside area to the exterior.

2. Grow your own.

Veganism is one of the fastest growing lifestyle movements with a 360% rise in the last decade. Growing organic produce at home gives money saving, health benefits as well as providing a great feature to your garden. Tanalised timber sleepers, upright and concreted into the ground make the perfect surround for a vegetable patch. Alternatively, lay the sleepers onto the ground and fix them together using stainless steel screws by Reisser. The treatment (tanalising process) of the timber, makes it strong and durable, prolonging its life so that it looks good for longer. Backfill with topsoil before planting and watching your vegetables grow.

Home built vegetable patch in garden

3. Socialising and hosting.

One thing we are all looking forward to is getting back together with loved ones and what better way to enjoy time together than a BBQ. Ever thought about making use of space by building your own? The use of common engineered bricks are great for lining both the inside and the outside of the grill. They are able to withstand very high heat and their density helps to hold heat well, even if the fire temperature itself is fluctuating. We can supply you with all of the gear and the guidance to build it, but please don’t come to us for tips on cooking on it!

Home built BBQ using engineered bricks

4. Be a superhero and build your kids a sandpit!

It has been a strange year for our little ones, so thinking of exciting ways for them to engage in outdoor play is set to be a popular trend this summer. Sandpits provide a creative learning space offering endless entertainment. Treated tongue and grove dung board gives a tough and resistant surround for a sandpit. The tongue and grove prevents sand from pouring through any gaps, as we all want the sand to stay in the pit! Once constructed, ask us for a delivery of a tonne of yellow sand to give that real life beach feel in your own garden.

Home built sandpit using treated tongue and groove timber

5. Front of house.

2020 saw a lot of us gathering on our doorsteps clapping for carers and catching up with family members. Has it got you thinking about your kerb appeal? Perhaps a freshen up is due, give the external walls a lick of Crown masonry paint to bring it back to life, available in branch to take away with all of the necessary accessories. Or for a total update, a popular current choice is cladding. At CBS, we stock an array of Cladco cladding products. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it provides your external walls with protection from the elements with a low maintenance and long lasting coverage. Win! Win! Win!

Freshly painted homes using masonry paint

6. Paving and stone walling dominates yet again.

A classic feature to outdoor space is paving. Timeless and resistant, paving flagstones become a popular choice year after year and 2021 doesn’t seem to be any different. With the UK’s leading brand Talasey providing us with a vast choice of colour, porcelain and bespoke paving solutions, we have the scope to design a variety of looks suitable for all spaces. Square edged, crisp modern lines. To crazy paving with the use of mixed shapes and sizes. All available in a selection of textured or smooth finishes plus the option of individual slabs through to project packs. Can’t decide? Take some samples away to mull over. If your existing slabs look tired but your pocket doesn’t have the budget to upgrade them, then do not panic. You can still be part of the ongoing paving trend by giving your current flagstones some TLC. Pavetuf have released a huge collection of treatment, cleaning and maintenance products that will bring your paving slabs back to life, it isn’t always about replacing, replenishment gives equal if not more satisfaction. Based in Cornwall, we are lucky to have near access to some of the most beautiful Cornish, rustic, slate stone. Their versatility and depth of colour offers a practical yet attractive feature to any aspect of your garden. Hedging stone can be used with earth to form walls and hedges. Random shaped paving stone, available in grey or rustic can be used for paving, paths and even cladding. The diversity in colour and shape of rockery stones make them the perfect choice for building features in your garden and if you are building a retaining wall, then the use of screened stones in gabion baskets give a functional and interesting look.

Natural paving with stone built wall

Need help to accomplish any of the above trends then contact us, we would love to hear about your ideas and work together to bring them to life.

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