In a typical British home around one third of the heat produced by the heating system is lost through the roof, ceiling and walls. Simple insulating measures can eliminate this loss completely.

We stock Recticel insulation for solid ground applications, heavy duty floors or loft floors. It can be installed above or below the screed.
Thickness range: 25mm to 150mm
Sheet size: 2400mm x 1200mm

We stock Rockwool RWA45 fibre glass insulation for thermal, acoustic and fire insulating. Rockwool insulation is renowned for its user-friendliness, good value and longevity.
Available in…
50mm – each roll covers 6.48m2
75mm – each roll covers 4.32m2
100mm – each roll covers 2.88m2

Improve your U-values and provide thermal and acoustic protection by installing Superglass Insulation, available in either 90mm or 140mm rolls.

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